Healing as a Profession

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We live in a complex society, in which all the advantages that we have made throughout the centuries haven’t necessary lead to a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. And that’s an understatement!

Based on results, the traditional academic approach to education, health, or even a harmonious coexistence with ourselves, others and our environment is failing. In other words:

“Something is Missing!”

Harmony starts from within. And in a state of harmony, of inner-peace, we make different choices for ourselves and for our environment. We need our homeostasis – maintain a condition of balance or equilibrium – in order for our self-healing powers to function, in order for us to heal.

We need a way to clear the imbalances that cause inner-friction, stress and ultimately lead to diseases and disorders. The traditional approach mainly focuses on crisis management: focusing on the symptoms, interrupting the negative cycle and cognitively managing our thoughts and behavior. Often times choosing suppression as the ultimate solution. And it does a pretty good job too.

“But it’s not the full answer!”

When we would be able to work on the root-causes as well, the symptoms might disappear without the continuing need for medication, or endless therapy. Or in the ideal scenario, when we learn to clear imbalances before they show up in our thoughts, behavior, before they undermine in our mental and physical health, that would solve so many of our problems from within, starting at the root-cause.

Bringing harmony in body and mind is the one thing that we lost over time. It’s the missing ingredient that will make all the difference, physically, mentally and spiritually!   

That’s why the world need Healers, maybe now more than ever. People like yourself, who embrace the gift that they were born to be. Who are willing to pay this forward, help others finding balance and true freedom. Leaving your legacy of Harmony and Peace, one person at a time.

Becoming a Healer

Most of us are excited to become a healer, because we benefited from some form of energy healing ourselves. We’ve experienced the difference it made in our own life and the lives of people we know. Now it’s time to pay this forward and help others.

It’s an exciting journey to learn different healing modalities, get certified and start working with people and animals and see the results in their lives.

It’s a noble cause, but it’s only half of the story.

Becoming a healer also means transitioning from your current job or situations to becoming a “solo-preneur”; a one-person business. I speak with hundreds of healers every year and most of them see the business part as a “necessary evil”. They struggle.

  • How do I get clients?
  • How do I explain what I do?
  • Why don’t they come back, even when they benefitted?
  • How much do I charge?
  • What if they can’t pay?

These are just a few of the questions that I get, almost on a daily basis.

When you recognize asking these questions yourself, don’t worry: You are not alone!

It’s simply a different skillset that you need to learn. And I can show you the way.

Where do you start?

The secret to building a healthy practice is preparation. Have the foundations in place before making any investments in a website, advertising or anything else.

When you want to learn how to

Prepare and get the foundations in place BEFORE you start.

Have money coming in BEFORE investing in any website, marketing or automation.

Use FREE automation solutions to qualify your clients BEFORE you speak with them.

Have your clients pay you BEFORE you work with them.

Get your business up and running BEFORE making any changes in your life.

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