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Did you ever dream about setting up your own practice?

How to Start Your Own Practice

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Most people say:

“A coach is someone who gets you to do what you don’t want to do,
in order to get the results that you do want to get.”

I couldn’t disagree more. This will only create more inner-friction and is never sustainable over a longer period of time.
I say:

“A coach is someone who shows you how to achieve more,
with less effort!” 

Prosperity Package

Have you ever felt that you are always just one step away from creating financial abundance?

No Financial Worries
No Financial Worries

Imagine a life, free from financial worries …

How would your life change if you found a way to create the financial abundance that you long for? I’m not talking about becoming a millionaire over night or any of these hype-promises. I’m talking about finding a way to create the kind of income that would support the lifestyle that you long for, and then make it happen!

When you know that you long for financial freedom, the possibilities are endless. So it’s never about the circumstances, when you’re not able to create a healthy financial situation. Others can do it, so it must be about … you!


Before you continue, let me make one thing really clear:

There is nothing wrong with you!

Don’t let anybody tell you that you should be, think, believe, change your “mindset” and act like someone else – someone who is not you. That’s one of the best recipes for more inner-friction, stress and eventually utter despair. You are you, and I don’t belief that this is a mistake either. You were meant to be you, not someone else!

So what is the answer?

When consciously you are working on creating prosperity, but it always just seems to be out of reach, the answer lies on a different level: the subconscious!

As long as your subconscious doesn’t “agree” that making money is a good idea, it will never happen!

The Results of Money-Blocks
The Results of Money-Blocks

The subconscious determines how you feel, and how you feel determines your beliefs (not the other way around!) that in turn determine actions. When it comes to creating a prosperous life, common underlying causes for failure lie in sub-conscious “Money-Blocks” like:

  • trapped emotions of low self worth,
  • feelings of not deserving: the “shame & blame-game“,
  • life lessons that told you it is wrong or even dangerous to be wealthy,
  • limiting beliefs about money,
  • or even destructive beliefs about life itself.


No Money-Blocks
No Money-Blocks

It’s these underlying beliefs that eventually determine your financial situation. They act as a “financial thermostat“, making sure you’re never far off from the value it is set to.

When you’re serious about creating a life of prosperity, you want to find and release these money-blocks so you can move forward and start getting the results you long for without the inner friction that is stopping you right now. Release the underlying limiting beliefs and see your prosperity grow!

Ready to get rid of those Money-Blocks?

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Productivity Package

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to commit to the things that you know you should do?

Why do we make the "wrong" choices?
Why do we make the “wrong” choices?

Imagine a life free from self-sabotage …

You know, those situations when you just can’t bring yourself to doing what you know you should. We are creative beings, and this is probably the single area in life that we are most creative in: Self-Sabotage !

We only need to look in the mirror and be honest with ourselves to recognize our procrastination, distraction, excuses, and destructive behavior that keeps us from creating the life we long for. Let’s face it:

“Common Sense is not Common Practice”

In the eighties and nineties it was “discipline and rigor” that was supposed to get us the life we want. And yes, as long as we ignored our true emotions by covering them up with affirmations, and found an accountability partner that “made” us do what needed to be done, that would create some results… temporarily.

So we came up with something else: a secret… The Secret! Put your intention out there, and the Universe will move accordingly. And of course, to some extend it works, for some, sometimes, a little…

Nowadays it’s all about “Mindset“, again telling you how to cognitively overcome your emotional blockages: “Just feel, think and belief something you don’t feel, think and belief …” What ???

And of course, jumping up and down on chairs whilst playing loud music will solve everything else, right? Same approach, different package.

We keep rearranging the deck-furniture on the Titanic!

It’s time to change the course of our ship and look for a solution in a different place. No longer trying to use our conscious mind to “govern” or “manage” our emotions, our beliefs, our being. This is the twenty-first century! Science gives us clear answers on how to connect to the subconscious to find and release the underlying causes for self-sabotage. As soon as our conscious mind and our subconscious are in alignment, we find inner-peace, real freedom.

Boost Your Productivity
Boost Your Productivity

It’s time to create freedom, not inner-friction!

There is nothing wrong with you. It’s just that you never learned to communicate with your subconscious in a way that you could remove the underlying causes for self-sabotage so you can move forward “effortless”.

Are you ready to boost your productivity and easily double your output with only half of the effort?

Are you serious about creating a life where what you know and what you feel is in alignment?


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