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A proven roadmap for energy-healers, health practitioners and life coaches to transition from your current job to a healthy practice that supports your ideal life style.

Are You Worried About Not Finding Enough Paying Clients?
Let me show you how you can start or grow your own healing practice business, in any modality, from the comfort of your home, without taking on major risk even if you've never started a business before.
You Will Learn:
  • How to design and create your own thriving healing business that is a true expression of who you are and supports your ideal dream life style
  • The 3 main reasons why most healing practitioners struggle to build a thriving business and so many fail to attract enough clients
  • The "3 keys" to overcome the big mistakes and ensure that your healing business is a success and allows you to give your gifts to the world
  • How to overcome any and all of your fears and self-doubt that is currently crippling your ability to freely express your gifts and make a bigger impact in the world
  • How to eliminate all risk from the journey of starting your own healing business and actually attract your ideal dream clients who are ready and willing to pay you for your gifts
My 9 part "Business Birthing System" has already helped many practitioners around the world to start and grow their healing business attracting ideal clients from anywhere in the world.
About The Author

Arwin Baauw

Arwin Baauw is an award winning international speaker and author on the subject of Personal Leadership: creating results that matter, so you can live a life of true abundance.

His unique approach to Personal Development incorporates the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your being and takes you way beyond the traditional mindset, accountability and affirmation approaches.

Arwin has built a very successful personal healing practice from the comfort of his home in the Netherlands with clients all around the globe. He is now on a mission to empower healers & practitioners of all disciplines to grow abundant and thriving healing businesses to share their gifts more widely and impact the lives of millions around the world.
What some of my clients have to say:
  • Arwin's product is not just another coaching program. It has the exact components necessary to radically shift your momentum toward creating and claiming your goals. It is a clear protocol designed for the individual to not only remove the blocks in the way, but also to pave the path to victory. I am beyond excited and look forward to the breakthroughs! Thank you Arwin. 
    Jennifer, NV
  • Arwin Baauw is one of the sharpest coaches I have met. He has a great ability to listen and discern what you are not saying and then put it into straight forward ideas, language and action. In his Business Birthing Program, Arwin has helped me conceptualize my ideas in a unique and powerful way and I have now developed a Business Program that enables me to leave an unfulfilling job and step into my new business venture!  
    Uta, Germany
  • In just 2 sessions with Arwin, he found the entire system that kept me blocked in suffering. His work is efficient, fast, clear, funny and full of love and compassion. I now have a true feeling of peace and joy. Since I can remember I have dreamed of knowing how this would feel like. 
    Simona, Bucharest
  • I had lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in some time and she immediately noticed how much calmer, happier and more centered I seemed. I've been working with Arwin for several months now: we cleared my heart wall and a multitude of trapped emotions.  I feel more confident in myself and my place in the world. 
    Jo, C
  • Working with Arwin has been truly incredible! I just finished my 5 sessions with him and I've noticed so many great changes in my life, the most prominent being that I have so much more energy and endurance on a daily basis. Also, I have felt my physical pain shift and completely dissipate. My spirit just feels lighter and happier. Thank you so much Arwin! 
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