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Here’s my promise to you

You too can live a life free from unnecessary pain, stress, fear and financial struggles!

Hi, my name is Arwin, and I’m an award winning international speaker and author on the subject of Personal Leadership: creating results that matter, so you can live a life of true abundance.

I am passionate about guiding people like yourself in creating possibilities for abundance and freedom on the areas of wealth, health and relationships.

Here’s what’s different

My unique approach to Personal Development incorporates the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your being and takes you way beyond the traditional mindset, accountability and affirmation approaches. By now you probably know that these only work for a ‘happy few’ anyways and only for a limited time.

Arwin Baauw - SpeakerWhen you are fighting for what’s important for you, you’ll want to work with someone who goes beyond copying what everyone else is saying.

Someone who doesn’t focus on the superficial results, but who shows you how to get to the root of your emotions and behavior. Someone who has been there himself.

I will show you the underlying drivers of your behavior, based on the latest scientific insights in human nature from neuro-science and quantum-physics. When you’re ready to finally break free and create the life you want, I’ll take you on a journey beyond the traditional coaching and NLP-techniques, tapping directly in to the infinite power of your sub-conscious mind and spiritual connection.

My purpose in life

There is a reason why I am so passionate about helping you creating your freedom: I have lived in captivity for most of my life, struggling to make it work. Finally I discovered the missing link in the traditional approaches and I was able to break free from Autism (Asperger), chronic low-back pain and depression (including suicidal tendencies) as a result from early abuse. Trust me, the Truth will set you free!

I’m passionate about helping Energy-Healers, Life-Coaches and other practitioners

to set up and grow their own practice,

so together we get to help more people and leave a legacy of

Love, Connection and Inner Harmony!

Arwin Baauw - AuthorBy applying what I learned, I developed a unique process – a Treasure Map – to guide you in your journey to freedom and abundance, living a life free from unnecessary pain, stress, fear and financial struggles. You’ll discover:

The Three Languages of Success

  • The Language of Free-Motion – learn to use your brain to strategize and plan your success-journey. This is where you create your master-plan, your blueprint so you can live the life of your dreams.
    You want to master the language of Free-Motion so you know exactly how to create tangible successes, like financial goals, physical goals, business goals and so on.
    But knowing isn’t necessarily doing. That’s why you want to learn the second language.
  • The Language of Re-Motion – discover the healing power of your own subconscious and deal with inner-friction, self-sabotage and the serious health issues that are a direct result of stress and imbalances. This is where you learn to align your emotions and deal with inner-friction. Not ignoring your feelings, but get free from the emotional baggage that stops you from simply doing what you know and enjoying the journey of life. Mastering the Language of Re-Motion will help you move forward effortlessly.
  • The Language of Be-Motion – connect to the source of life and awaken your higher-self to unprecedented levels. The true success in life, doesn’t lie in creating mere results. It’s about getting in touch with your unique purpose and have your life be and expression of who you really are. Mastering the Language of Be-Motion will open the door to inner harmony and true freedom.

The Business Birthing Blueprint

Start building your own practice today. Click on the picture on the right to start on this exciting journey.

  • You will get immediate access to my free book “How to Start Your Own Practice” including a complementary  business consultation so you can break through whatever is stopping you.
  • You will learn the three most common mistakes why practitioners fail in setting up their own business and – even more important – the three Secret Success Formula’s about what you can do different, so you shall be successful.
  • You will actually get the “Wheel of Fortune“, a complete blueprint of the system that I developed and still use today to grow my business and keep it healthy.
  • And for a limited time, this book comes with a complementary Strategy Session!

Take the fist next step in creating a life of abundance through your own practice!


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Arwin Baauw (1967) was born and raised in the Netherlands. Before switching to training & consultancy, he had over 15 years of experience in general management and international business in the corporate context.

Arwin Baauw - TrainerSince 2002 he has been involved in transformational training and coaching, both in the business and the non-profit environment. In 2003 he founded a Dutch charity, offering faith-based experiential transformational trainings and seminars to the general public. In 2005 he quit his job as CEO and joined Culture ROI in California as a consultant and business-trainer, and set up his own consultancy business in Europe.

Over the years he has become the leading international expert on Personal Leadership and how to build success through ‘fulfilling relationships’, both in business and in the personal realm.

Besides his work as international trainer and speaker, he teaches leadership at the University of Twente. His work experience varies from corporate America and Europe to training entrepreneurs in North Africa. Also the Royal Dutch Army hired him on several occasions to prepare their teams leaving for high-risk missions in Afghanistan.

Arwin Baauw - ConsultantHis academic background consists of a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters (MBA) in International Management at Sheffield University (UK).

He is a certified Health-Practitioner (TEC, TBC) and licensed D.PSc. by the Pastoral Medical Association.

Over the years he has served thousands of individuals and worked with dozens of organizations around the globe, leaving a legacy of freedom and new possibilities.

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